Take Action

Wondering what you can do to make a difference?

Our community’s housing problems can seem big and overwhelming, but there are solutions! And you can make them happen by taking action in creative ways. We need people to volunteer, Advocate, Educate, Demonstrate and Donate.

Reflect on these questions to see what you are called to do:

What are your skills, passions and resources? Visit the links below and pick an activity where you can share your unique gifts.

Are any of the activities below unfamiliar to you or outside of your comfort zone? Try one activity in that area! Real solutions require us all to start thinking differently. You never know where you will find a new passion or bring creative ideas to a housing solution.



Ask your elected officials to support affordable housing in our communities. Housing solutions won’t happen without strong government partnerships. Learn more about Habitat’s Advocacy program and ways you can help.


Demonstrate publicly or in small personal ways that you support housing. Help us bring attention to this important issue.


Financial support is critical to making solutions happen. Support Habitat’s mission by making a donation today.


Educate yourself and others about housing issues. Spreading the word gets others involved. Visit our resource page for books, community events, and online tools to help you get started.


Build solutions and relationships with your time. Volunteer at Muskogee Habitat or connect to volunteer opportunities at other housing organizations.