One Day at a Time Ongoing Construction Non-Construction

Regular volunteers bring consistency and dependability to the construction site. We need men and women skilled or unskilled, fresh out of high school or recently retired. We especially need volunteers ages 19-65 who are able to volunteer on weekdays. If you’re interested in becoming a regular volunteer, read about your options below:

Flex Regular – Help out once a month

If you want a flexible schedule based on your availability, this volunteer position is a great fit! As a Flex Regular, you sign up for as many days as you are able via our online scheduling system. We just ask that you sign up for a minimum of one day per month for a minimum of 12 months. Check out the volunteer opportunities currently available.

*Volunteer orientation is encouraged but not required for this volunteer position.

Join a regular crew

Interested in volunteering consistently with the same group of folks on-site? We have a number of regular crews who work in Muskogee. We can add new members to a number of these existing crews. Some crews volunteer one day per month on-site, while others dedicate two days per week on-site. We ask that you make a minimum commitment of 6 months in order to join an existing regular crew.

*Volunteer orientation is required for this volunteer position.

Create your own regular crew

Are you connected with an existing group that can volunteer on-site together consistently? We welcome new Regular Crews! New Regular Crews can work one day per month to multiple days per week on-site; some crews volunteer year round and some crews volunteer from October – April. In addition to providing 9-12 group members, we ask that new Regular Crews also provide a consistent Crew Leader who has some experience in construction and group management.

*Volunteer orientation is flexible for new Regular Crews.
Use the Contact Form below to learn more about regular construction/restoration volunteer opportunities. For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 918-687-1470 or